TTT Episode 93: A Hot Take on Retakes and Workload Mindful Differentiation

Pete and John return feeling not-so refreshed after the break, then open with some somewhat disputable Tips to Teachers. 

Pete then looks at some of the ways we as teachers build a focus on self-improvement of our students, through allowing multiple test takes. Without falling into the trap of students outsmarting us and falsely inflating their marks. 

John tries to find the middle ground when it comes to differentiation. Trying to find something that supports all learners in the class, without labelling students or burdening teachers with an unsustainable workload. 



Pete: Allowing Test Retakes - Without Getting Gamed - Stephen Merrill @smerrill777


John: All aboard the magical mystery bus: keeping them on the bus - Jotter Pad: A Teacher's Notes


TTT Episode 92: Defending Inquiry Learning and Note Taking

Pete concedes that Direct and Explicit pedagogy has a place in education. #anotherstinginyourbow #whynotboth

John looks at some of the factor to consider when getting students to take notes in class. #itsalittlemorecomplicated


Pete: In defence of inquiry based pedagogies - Robert Stevens,-2019/in-defence-of-inquiry-based-pedagogies


John: Factors of Effective Note Taking: Application of Cognitive Load Theory - Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel



TTT Episode 91: Science Doesn't Matter in Education and Teaching is the Best Job in the World

Pete (mr_van_w) discusses Scientism, Scepticism with a K also with a K, tells us that sometimes proper Science doesn't matter in Education Research. Stuff your double blind RCTs are just evidence.

John (@jfcatto) then regales us with a Puff Listicle to make us feel better about our life choices. #Experienceisstillexperience. 



Pete: The problem with using scientific evidence in education (why teachers should stop trying to be more like doctors) - Lucinda McKnight and Andy Morgan


John: Should I Be A Teacher? Here Are 24 Awe-Inspiring Reasons To Consider It - Dave Saba

TTT Episode 90: Parents Rely on NAPLAN and White-anting School Culture

Pete (@mr_van_w) tries to view NAPLAN from the perspective of parents. They went to a school so they are experts after all.

John (@jfcatto) discusses how important it is for teachers to display their values and love of learning through actions and what the prioritise rather than empty rhetoric a piles of busy work. 



'Not without a fight': The radical plan to overhaul NAPLAN - Jordan Baker


Schools as Places of Joy: We Are Responsible For the Cultures That We Create - Mike Crowley (@crowley_mike)


TTT Episode 89: Stop Bagging Out Tech and Stop Hassling the Quiet Kids

This week Pete (@mr_van_w) delves into why we should take no notice of the demonisation of technology in the media and the flawed/misreported Science that leads to it.

John (@jfcatto) considers the introverts in the class and how we should stop hassling them to fit our "participation" expectations and think of more flexible measures of "engagement".




Flipped 3.0 Problem Based Learning - Dan Jones (@ideasforteacher) 


The Kids (Who Use Tech) Seem to Be Alright - Lydia Denworth 


The TeachThought Podcast - Jared Cooney Horvath 


How to teach and young introvert - Kate Torgovnik May 

Susan Cain's TED Talk - The Power of Introverts 

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking 


TTT Episode 88: Kids as Data Points and Dealing with Teenage Girls

This week Pete (@mr_van_w) urges us to see our students as more than just data points and dollar signs. Then a straight white male (@jfcatto) talks at us about how to deal with teenage girls when they are being cray cray.  



Pete: Are You Data-Driven? - Tonya Gilchrist 


John: How to Help Teenage Girls Reframe Anxiety and Strengthen Resilience - Deborah Farmer Kris 

TTT Episode 87: The Learning Trajectory

Feb 14, 2019

This week Pete (@mr_van_w) and John (@jfcatto) walk into a podcast with no preparation and manage to waffle on for 40ish minutes about a PD lecture that the school put on this week. After which a staff member was overheard saying "that was less of a waste of my life than I expected". 


PD: The Learning Trajectory - Dr Jared Horvath