TTT Episode 99: Teaching Like Magic and Reading About Yourself

This week/fortnight/month Pete (@mr_van_w) and John (@jfcatto) barely manage to get an episode out with John on the editing decks. He's pretty rubbish.

John ruminates on a listener comment and laments the perceived goal of edupreneurs of aiming bigger and not wasting their life in the classroom. 

Pete regales us with the link between teaching and magic and his admiration for Penn and Teller. Romance, precision and generalisation. 

Then John finishes up with a teacher who has put together a African-american book list so that little black boys and girls can read abut themselves. 



John: Breaking Good: Ex-Chemistry teacher becomes a billionaire - Venus Feng


Pete: Teaching: Just Like Performing Magic - Jessica Lahey 


John: Black Kids Like Reading About Themselves - Dwayne Reed (@TeachMrReed)