TTT Episode 89: Stop Bagging Out Tech and Stop Hassling the Quiet Kids

This week Pete (@mr_van_w) delves into why we should take no notice of the demonisation of technology in the media and the flawed/misreported Science that leads to it.

John (@jfcatto) considers the introverts in the class and how we should stop hassling them to fit our "participation" expectations and think of more flexible measures of "engagement".




Flipped 3.0 Problem Based Learning - Dan Jones (@ideasforteacher) 


The Kids (Who Use Tech) Seem to Be Alright - Lydia Denworth 


The TeachThought Podcast - Jared Cooney Horvath 


How to teach and young introvert - Kate Torgovnik May 

Susan Cain's TED Talk - The Power of Introverts 

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking