TTT Episode 66: Learning Styles, Drugs, Money and Doctors

A milestone episode: One tenth the number of The Beast \m/  

John (@jfcatto) examines the alluring yet non-demonstrable concept f VARK Learning Styles. A beautiful and empowering theory that doesn't seem to hold water.

The boys spruik Mini Gear as a scaffolded STEM PBL project. 

Pete (@mr_van_w) addresses some issues that have had him thinking recently. Including; talking to students about drug amidst changing legalities and modes of testing, teachers struggling to self-fund resources for their classroom, and when to schedule routine doctor appointments. 

We've also included the Machines PBL project below but here is the link.

John: The Myth of 'Learning Styles' - Olga Khazan @olgakhazan 


Mini Gear 


Pete: Talking about drugs   (@MrsLoeschen)   (@MsJachymiak)