TTT Episode 65: Paring Away the Guff in Teaching and Supporting early career teachers

Pete (@mr_van_w) asks "What subject specific skills does your subject have that are transferable to all disciplines?"

Pete looks for some balance in an article from Jo Facer (@jo_facer) (formerly?) of the Michaela Community School. Highlighting the benefits of Consistency for students and Sustainability for teachers.

John (@jfcatto) looks at a few of the things school leaders can do to support Early Career Teachers. Providing they are guided in sustaining the tireless job of teaching in the first place.  

Tips to teachers: Here a twitter thread for Early Career Teachers to check out. "Be inspired but not pressured"  



Pete: We Should Teach All Students, in Every Discipline, to Think Like Scientists - Peter Salovey 


We Have Overcomplicated Teaching: Research Ed 2016 - Jo Facer


John: Five things that work in early teacher' development - Cat Scutt 


Tips To Teachers: (@TeachMrReed)