TTT Episode 81: Handwriting truthiness and the social good of education

Man, were we inspired by the most excellent #penchat on twitter!

Pete (@mr_van_w) questions the importance of handwriting. Maybe the current generation doesn't have it all wrong and it just doesn't actually matter as much as we think it does.

Then Pete continues to talk about the elements of flipped learning as produced by the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. Good times.

On a side note: We were in a meeting today and a colleague talked up how students are much better off writing with a pen and when they can't spell something they look it up in the dictionary. 1. How many kid actually know when they make a spelling mistake. 2. How many kids care enough to then look the word up in a dictionary.     

 John (@jfcatto) continues from last weeks episode and looks at some the personal and social goods that come out of education other than salary from a job. Spoilers: He is still not convinced university is a good idea for everyone. 


Pete: Handwriting saviour or teachers' nightmare? The return of the fountain pen - Alexandra L Smith 


The Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning - FLGI (maybe? Jon Bergmann) 


John: Let's not focus on graduate income when assessing the worth of education - Peter Hurley