TTT Episode 98: Teachers Talking Teachers Paying Teachers and It Takes a Village of Teachers

This week Pete (@mr_van_w) and John (@jfcatto) grapple with the intersection of ideology and economic sense when it comes to Then John highlights the staggeringly large number of people that it takes to educate a child from K-12. 


Pete: Teachers are making millions selling their lesson plans online - Carolyn Thompson


John: The big picture: How many people influence a student's life - Kim Marshall


TTT Teach Like a Pirate Read Along 03

In this mini episode, Pete (@mr_van_w) continues his homework with Dave Burgess' Teach Like a Pirate.

We're on the third section RRRRR.

R is for Rapport.

Pete also wrote about this on his blog, you should check it out - he uses some sweet memes.

or simply:


TTT Episode 97: Teaching Kids Sexuality and Being a Better Teacher

Pete (@mr_van_w) asks when is it appropriate to start teaching students about sexuality and in particular non-cis/binary/fluid sexuality. He also brought a good news story about an inspiring Indigenous principal. John (@jfcatto) then highlight the divide between research and practice in education and that the way to being a good teacher is by striving to be a better teacher.   


Pete: Can teachers be trusted to teach primary school pupils about LGBT relationships - Joe Baron

At school, Nicole's classmates didn't talk to her, now she's an inspiring principal - Helen Pitt


John: Teaching not a research-based profession - Dylan William




Vanilla Australian Observational Comedy:

Carl Barron 

Third drawer from the Top - Jimoen 


TTT Episode 96: Drawing Scientists and Singapore getting rid of grades

In another busy week Pete (@mr_van_w) record his own podcast in preparation for not getting together to record. Then due to a last minute Maths assessment task, he is off class and manages to track down John (@jfcatto) to talk about Singapore moving to get rid of marks and ranks.


Pete: 50 Years of Children Drawing Sciencetists - Youki Terada


John: Why The Worlds Best School System Is Getting Rid of Grades  -Bonnie Rivas Ras


TTT Episode 95: Traditionalist Pedagogy has a place and Pirate Imersion

This week John (@jfcatto) crosses the schism and discusses when a traditional classroom setting may be a positive experience for students and attempts to delve into some of the considerations in implementation beyond the trad/prog dichotomy.

Pete (@mr_van_w) continues with his Dave Burgess read along. This week the I in PIRATE, Immersion.



John: Good schools help children behave - Tom Bennett @tombennett71


Pete: Immersion: Undividing my attention - A Teach Like a Pirate readalong - Mr Van W


TTT Episode 94: Teach Like A Pirate Read along and Reflective Questioning

Pete started reading a book by Dave Burgess that you may have heard of - Teach Like a Pirate. This is his read-along making sure he does his homework. This edition of his read-along we're talking about passion, that's right, P for Passion and P for Pirate. Pete loves an acronym. Originally Pete thought this book wasn't serious enough. He was wrong, it's very cool and he's getting a lot from it straight away.

John found some questions to help us both become more reflective teachers. They're good. Then John made Pete feel bad, but Pete edits the podcast so he just cut it out and added more of him being a fool in.

Come talk to us on the internet at @mr_van_w and @Jfcatto




TTT Episode 93: A Hot Take on Retakes and Workload Mindful Differentiation

Pete and John return feeling not-so refreshed after the break, then open with some somewhat disputable Tips to Teachers. 

Pete then looks at some of the ways we as teachers build a focus on self-improvement of our students, through allowing multiple test takes. Without falling into the trap of students outsmarting us and falsely inflating their marks. 

John tries to find the middle ground when it comes to differentiation. Trying to find something that supports all learners in the class, without labelling students or burdening teachers with an unsustainable workload. 



Pete: Allowing Test Retakes - Without Getting Gamed - Stephen Merrill @smerrill777


John: All aboard the magical mystery bus: keeping them on the bus - Jotter Pad: A Teacher's Notes