TTT Episode 87: The Learning Trajectory

Feb 14, 2019

This week Pete (@mr_van_w) and John (@jfcatto) walk into a podcast with no preparation and manage to waffle on for 40ish minutes about a PD lecture that the school put on this week. After which a staff member was overheard saying "that was less of a waste of my life than I expected". 


PD: The Learning Trajectory - Dr Jared Horvath 


TTT Episode 86: Children Before Labels and Civics Over Politics

Feb 8, 2019

Welcome to 2019. Hopefully things are different here. Pete has hard a "hard reset" and John is... present. Pete (@mr_van_w) is upset by how much language effects the way we relate to each other. John (@jfcatto) argues the perhaps pedantic difference between politics and civics.



Pete: Teachers should 'see the child, not the label' - expert - Brett Henebery 


John: Education is Not Activism - Michael Salter @mikesalter74 


TTT Episode 81: Handwriting truthiness and the social good of education

Man, were we inspired by the most excellent #penchat on twitter!

Pete (@mr_van_w) questions the importance of handwriting. Maybe the current generation doesn't have it all wrong and it just doesn't actually matter as much as we think it does.

Then Pete continues to talk about the elements of flipped learning as produced by the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. Good times.

On a side note: We were in a meeting today and a colleague talked up how students are much better off writing with a pen and when they can't spell something they look it up in the dictionary. 1. How many kid actually know when they make a spelling mistake. 2. How many kids care enough to then look the word up in a dictionary.     

 John (@jfcatto) continues from last weeks episode and looks at some the personal and social goods that come out of education other than salary from a job. Spoilers: He is still not convinced university is a good idea for everyone. 


Pete: Handwriting saviour or teachers' nightmare? The return of the fountain pen - Alexandra L Smith 


The Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning - FLGI (maybe? Jon Bergmann) 


John: Let's not focus on graduate income when assessing the worth of education - Peter Hurley


TTT Episode 74: The Public/Private Debate and Stuff Rob Stokes Says

This week Pete (@mr_van_w) makes comment on an interview with  Jane Caro by one of our AEON stable-mates.

John (@jfcatto) keeps us up to date on the developments in NSW Education and some recent comments made by the Honourable and Handsome Rob Stokes.


Pete: TER #118 Jane Caro on Education - Dan Haesler


John: New NSW teachers to require a credit average, 'superior' intelligence - Jordan Baker


New NSW curriculum on the way - Dominica Sanda


TTT Episode 73: Transcending the Syllabus

In an almost-full-episode-but-really-a-part-deux Pete (@mr_van_w) and John (@jfcatto) discuss the comments made by everybody's second-favourite astrophysicist Professor Brian Cox about the broken education system. Comments that are obviously ludicrous and he has no right to make in the first place, according to edutwitter.


John: Stressed teenagers should think about Mars, not exams, says star physicist Brian Cox - Sian Griffiths 


TTT Episode 71: Assessment Overload and A Review to an Outdate

Pete (@mr_van_w) wonders over the sheer volume of assessment tasks we expect HSC student to juggle. All the time taking day to day lesson seriously and maintaining a love of learning for the sake of learning.


John (@jfcatto) looks at two articles in the news this week. The ATAR and current format of HSC has outlived its usefulness and some believe is on it's way out. Fresh hope: Professor Geoff Masters may be the one to burn it all to the ground and build it better. 


Pete: The Educational Grind - Pete Whiting


John: ATAR gone in 10 years and 'dire' HSC unfit for future: CEOs, Educator - Pallavi Singhal


Rebuilding the wall: what the major NSW curriculum review will at - Pallavi Singhal



TTT Episode 70: Misplaced Social Outrage Over ATARs and The Decline of Religion in Schools

This week John (@jfcatto) brings his sultry best to dispel this week's misrepresentation regarding ATAR entrance scores for teaching degrees. Something Birmo seems unable to do.

Pete (@mr_van_w) highlights the increase in students who parents identify them as "No religion" and hopes this may mean an end to scripture classes in public schools.   


John: Students with low ATAR scores accepted for teaching degrees


Pete: Religion in Decline in Australian Schools - Pallavi Singhal